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We are Amikia Traducción Profesional


Message from Our Founder

We are Amikia ahead in Translation Innovations

  The rapid advancement of the digital economy demands faster, simpler, and better translation services that today’s enterprises depend on to beat their competitors in international markets and accelerate global revenue growth. The hyper-connected world has fundamentally changed customer expectations in terms of translation speed. Quality translation turnaround times are no longer measured in days and weeks; instead they are calculated in hours or even minutes. Amikia’ AI powered enterprise translation solutions take advantage of our patented online and mobile translation technology to deliver real time and agile translation services when and where our customers need them, on all platforms, on-site, and on-demand.

"Language is Connect with evolve and diversify over time"


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Our Core Values

At Amikia Traducción Profesional, we are committed to providing prompt, quality service at a competitive price, while maintaining honesty and integrity in all aspects of the organization. The following six values are at the core of Amika Traducción Profesional’s identity.

  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Innovation
Mission & Vision

Our Vision For the Future

The world has over 7 billion people, speaking some 6,500 languages. How do we communicate? How do we understand each other?

Mission Statement
To enable our clients to communicate with the audiences they want to reach – in over 150 languages.

Our vision involves building bridges across the globe; to build a place where people can communicate freely, and convey their ideas the way they want, in any language.

Why Choose us

High Quality Translation Solutions


All of our employees studied languages at university or trained as translators. Each of our project managers also has a background in languages.

In addition to management and administrative employees, our staff includes project managers, reviewers and translators. However, most of our translation projects, as with any translation agency, are outsourced to freelance translators, enabling us to select exactly the right person for each job. This flexibility is essential, particularly where more unusual language combinations or technical subject areas are concerned.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is always to deliver top quality, professional translations and to handle your order quickly and efficiently. As a result, we provide all our customers with a satisfied customer guarantee so you can feel 100% assured using us as your translation agency.


Additional services of our Agency include:
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Analytical research and writing articles and reviews of legislation and legal practices of various countries
  • Websites translation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Notary certification of the translator’s signature

Quality control

Never display a single machine translation if it’s not the quality you want to show.

Quality and Price

We ensure your translation standards are kept high without breaking your budget.

Human Touch

Ensure accuracy by using pre-approved translators with industry specific specialties.

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    About Us

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    In our digital age, companies need accurate translations to help them speak to new customers and emerging markets.
    About Us

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    In our digital age, companies need accurate translations to help them speak to new customers and emerging markets.
    About Us

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    In our digital age, companies need accurate translations to help them speak to new customers and emerging markets.