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  • A perfect translation of your technical and commercial information
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We offer the best translation services at the most competitve prices on the market. Our translation agency guarantees optimum results, no matter how demanding your project’s conditions.

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Tailored services at the best prices. We adapt to all types of project and offer very competitive rates, from €0.06 per word. Consult our translation rates and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer clients highly-competitive rates. BigTranslation is an online professional translation agency, and our totally automated platform allows us to dramatically cut administrative costs.

The only part of the process which is not automated is, of course, the translation itself! All translations are carried out manually by trained native professionals with a keen eye for detail.

Translation price per word

Here at BigTranslation, we offer different rates and quality assurance levels, depending on the type of translation required, the services you wish to contract and the turnaround time of the project. This way, our clients can select the service that most suits their needs at any one time.

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Our specialised proofreaders will revise and edit your translation for extra


If you need a translation A.S.A.P., you can choose this option to speed up the process.
Premium Services

Premium Services

Our Premium Translation services. Typical users are departments needing marketing texts, etc.

Amikia Traducción Profesional

You’ll never receive a literal translation again. All our translations are adapted to local markets, embracing the target culture while keeping the text’s original intention unaltered
Any Translations
Document Translation100%
Technical Translation100%

Translation Areas

Amikia Traduccion Profesional is a professional translation agency offering fast and reliable technical translations for the manufacturing and engineering industries, legal translations, software translations and many other translation areas with professional language results.

Translates technical material in all of the language combinations offered. The quality of our technical translations is guaranteed by the work of professionals who use methods thet involve the creation of technical glossaries and the use of terminology that is regularly checked and validated by our client. Every stage of the translation process is carefully monitored and this does not stop at delivery, since we continue to work with you during the checking and validation processes. Rest assured that we can meet your technical translation needs, from managing a single manual to translating an entire range of documents and products, in one or more language combinations. Technical manuals, instructions, catalogues, data sheets, warnings, and handouts, documents that can also be processed using the most common software and applications used for technical translation, including Adobe, FrameMaker, etc. We use native translation experts who specialise in specific areas, sector-specific glossaries and CAT software. We also rely on  technical consultants with expertise in the given field
Certified Translations100%
Website Translations100%
Sectorial Translation100%
Any Languages90%

Translation Services

To launch, develop, support and boost the decision of a client to enter the global marketplace as an internationalised business. With efficiently optimised production processes and punctual, constant tech updates, we are able to offer quality services at competitive prices that are well below the average on the market.

Our ability to work alongside clients continuously and at every stage of the production process, means we are able to provide top-level services at lower costs. Helpfulness, transparency, flexibility and a scrupulous compliance with professional codes of practice are all aspects of our service that are recognised by clients and competitors alike.
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- SEO in your chosen language
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Ours is an open, honest relationship with all of our interlocutors, based on absolute, mutual trust. . Now, motivated by the new demands of our clients and our desire to expand our horizons, we have added to translation with complementary services.